9 Must Do Things Before Shifting Your Cargo


Today’s world of rapid development and fast connectivity has made us move from one place to another for job or studies every few years. Shifting has become a major part of today’s life. We cannot deny how important but boring and tiresome it is. While shifting we forget the many must-do things before shifting. Shifting has and will always be everyone’s priority for the upcoming generations also. Let us look at few points that anyone must keep in mind while preparing for the best shifting job for the house.

1. Get Your Documents Updated:

Without any doubt, this has to be the most must-do thing before shifting to another locality, city or state. Shifting comes with many checkpoints and one of the main checkpoints is getting all necessary documents of you and your family’s updates before or as quick as possible. 

Make a list of all important documents in India or the country you are residing in which are needed to be updated of all family members. Make an appointment with the office for updations of your documents. Don’t be lazy in doing this as it is the most important job before your shifting process.

2. Set Reminder Of Cable, Wifi And Electricity Disconnection:

Disconnect any connections before shifting is one of the most must-do things before shifting. Whether it is internet, cable, or any other service that work on postpaid, most of your service providers work on postpaid. If you forget to close the connections, you that will surely have to pay extra money for unused service.

Set a reminder in your as well as your operator’s mind for cutting down your connections permanently so that you can shift anywhere in India with complete peace of mind.

3. Close All Your Pending Bills:

Pending bills from the electricity office, broadband provider and cable operators can become a big headache for you if not taken care of. Many of these companies use high-interest rate plans up to 15-18% for non-settles balance. Thus not clearing bills of just a few rupees can become a heart failure for your bank account.

Always close your bills with your operators to not have to pay extra heavy money for your unpaid leftover balance of just a few rupees.

4. Select A Good Packers And Movers Company:

The key to any successful packers and movers job is selecting the best packers and movers company for shifting. Your goods are your assets, it is the hard-earned property you have made. That’s why selecting a good packers movers company is one of the tops must-do things before shifting.

Always go with a company that have proper documents with them. Adding safety or quality service certifications like ISO certification can be a good parameter to identify the best moving company. Also do check the points you should keep in mind while packing before going for a packers and movers company.

We at Gati Packers And Movers are an ISO 9001:2015 certified packers movers company with the highest safety standards. We provide you with premium service at reasonable rates. You can contact us anytime for solving your packers and movers problems.

must do things before shifting

5. Get Proper Estimates For Moving Job:

After selecting a bunch of packers and movers company you should check out the proper estimates provided by them. Don’t always go with the company having the lowest estimates. Always check their quality first. The key to selecting the best packers and movers company is safety not cost. 

Go deep, do proper research or take advice from your known or from blogs regarding things to keep in mind while shifting with anywhere to select any packers and movers service.

6. Get Rid Of Unnecessary Items:

We all have a huge bundle of unnecessary items in our house and believe me, no one in your family will use it. Keeping or shifting those things will just increase your shifting cost as well as your headache. Chalking them out is also a must-do point before shifting.

Sit down one or two weeks before the shifting date and segregate all the unnecessary items. If your items contain some wearable like clothes, sweaters etc then I will request you to donate them to the needy with an NGO. You never know what your liability can be someone’s asset.

must-do things before shifting by gati packers and movers

7. Start Building A Friend Circle In The New Area:

We all are humans are all humans need society, friends, groups, etc to live. From ancient history, be it the Indus Valley Civilization or Mesopotamian Civilization, we all are living together. Building a friend circle that can help you with small things after shifting can be great in readjusting to a new location.

After booking any new locations, try to understand the area by connecting them with your neighbours, colleagues living in that area or relatives present in that area. Believe me, this small thing only will surely decrease your headache of settling in a new unknown location.

8. Make Your New House A Home:

A house can never become a home without a basic fulfilment of needs. Making all necessary changes in your new house like colouring, fixing broken tiles, water problems, etc should be taken care of before the shifting. It is a necessary must-do thing before shifting as doing these updations can be hectic after you have moved in.

Look at your new house carefully. Finalize the areas for which need repair or renovation before shifting. Try to bring local mechanics since it will help you in solving future problems. Try to make it your home before relocating with the help of a packers and movers company.

things must-do before shifting by gati packers and movers

9. Make Necessary Travelling Arrangement:

We all know how much difficult it is to get the reservation done in Indian Railways or Airways. A normal person usually reserves their seat 2-3 months before shifting. You should also not delay with this aspect at all. Making necessary travelling arrangements whether, for your household goods shifting or moving out your family with the new location, you have to take it as one of the biggest must-do things before shifting.

Select and confirm the time and date which is most comfortable with your family for shifting. Also, take note of the way and medium from which you all travel. If you are using a train, my preference will be to book an AC seat for safety and easy travelling.


Shifting may be a hectic job but it can always be made easy and efficient if we follow some basic points in mind. The abovementioned points are must-do things before shifting is necessary to follow for tension-free packers and movers and shifting jobs. 

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