How to Modify Utility Services When Relocating With Gati Packers And Movers Pune


So finally you are about to move? But wait, aren’t you forgetting to transfer vital utilities of yours? Well, we at Gati Packers And Movers suggest that they shouldn’t be overlooked! Even though it’s not enjoyable, it’s unquestionably one of the most crucial tasks before you get your Gati Packers And Movers In Pune, Mumbai or service from any other city by the top moving company. Who would want to spend their first night (or week) in a new house without hot water, power, or internet? Not us. 

These factors make it essential that you get in touch with your utility service providers before the relocation to arrange a transfer or installation date. Unsure of where to begin with setting up your utilities? Consider these ten basic suggestions for transferring your utilities while relocating before you start packing boxes.

1. Get Prepared For Your Gati Packers And Movers Pune Service

First things first: become familiar with all of your present utility service providers before you relocate. Cable and internet, water and sewage, gas, electricity, satellite, security system, garbage collection, and telecommunication are utilities. We suggest putting the phone numbers and other pertinent information of these service providers on a single general list. Write down any new contact information if you want to switch providers when relocating.

2. Identify New Suppliers Of Utility Services

Employing a different utility provider entirely is sometimes necessary when moving to a new city or region of the nation. However, before you relocate via Gati Packers and Movers Pune, research the local utility service providers to weigh your alternatives. Since there is often just one utility service provider for specific services in many places, you may not always have a choice.

Asking Realtors and other local experts for suggestions on utility providers and visiting your city’s website and local government pages are advised. You should be able to continue using the same providers if you’re relocating inside the same city or state.

a man loading gati packers and movers pune boxes for shifting purpose with his collegues
2 men shifting and talking about the available suppliers of their new area.

3. Give A Few Weeks' Notices Before Your Move

After gathering all of your utility information, you must start notifying each provider individually that you are relocating after you have done so. We advise getting in touch with most suppliers at least two to three weeks beforehand taking Gati Packers and Movers Pune relocation service. Calling a month in advance is advisable for utility services that need an installation appointment. Typically, they include internet and cable providers and companies that provide security systems. 

Consider setting the gas and electric disconnect date a day after we, Gati Packers and Movers Pune have provided our relocating or (if selling the house) on closing day when arranging your disconnect and reconnect dates. In this manner, the HVAC and lights will continue functioning in case you need to return to the house to get something you forgot. 

If you live close to your new house, consider connecting your gas and electricity the day before you move. In this manner, if travelling in severe weather, you may go ahead and switch on the air conditioning or heat.

4. Contact The Local Authority To Re-Established Your Connections

Your new city or municipality will probably be in charge of providing water and sewage services. Our experts at Gati Packers and Movers Pune suggest you contact your city’s public utility office a few weeks in advance to arrange for the service to start on closure day (or moving day, if renting). 

Ask your real estate agent and the previous owners of the house for an approximate cost estimate if you are relocating to a new city with new water and sewer services. For financial reasons, don’t assume that the cost of water and sewage will be the same as in your previous home since water rates vary by city and area.

5. Verify The HOA's Utility Coverage Before Shifting

Getting ready to move into a neighbourhood where there is an HOA? Your HOA dues may include essential services like gas, water, sewage, and garbage collection. Monthly payments would undoubtedly be more uncomplicated and smoother if there were just one bill to the HOA and five distinct invoices to various utility suppliers.

clear all your past dues before shifting

6. Update Your Address

Tell the utility companies your new address when you contact them. In this manner, you may be confident that all upcoming expenses will reach you. Of course, updating your postal address with USPS is also a smart move. You may quickly choose the day you want to start forwarding your mail by visiting Also, contact Gati Packers and Movers Pune for any doubts that you may have. 

7. Before Relocating, Pay Any Past-Due Payments

Whatever you do, be sure to settle any past-due payments before leaving. Ask the utility companies whether you are presently owing any payments when contacting them. If so, be sure to settle them before the closing day when you will be getting Gati Packers and Movers service. Paying off debts also equates to a new beginning in your new house and a clean slate.


We are sure that you have never imagined that you have to follow such a long list of work while shifting. But our experience of handling so many customers has taught us many vital points which we have pen down over here.
Adding shifting done by yourself in addition to this task will surely make this shifting a hectic task for you. Get in touch with Gati Packers and Movers in Pune for further assistance regarding the best shifting service from Pune to all over India.